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Paint problems?

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  • Paint problems?

    I have a white 2005 high top mid size and I'm noticing quite a number of small chips in the paint. I patch them up with touchup paint but it does not seem right that these are showing up with such frequency. Anyone else seeing this?

    P.S. I hate to join in the sprinter conversations with a negative given some of the problems discussed in the other threads. Fact is, except for the paint problem I love my Sprinter!! Runs great and never had a problem.

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    my white 2003 140 SHC had paint problems. Portland FL painted those areas under warrenty. The "chips" may be rust showing through the paint. Unfortunatly, you may have voided the warrenty by attempting your own repairs.

    2003 140 2500 SHC
    2005 158 2500 SHC


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      Paint chips on the front hood, A columns and above the windshield on Sprinters without clear coating (read: white vans) is a common problem with Sprinters. The problem is even more apparent with non-white vans without clear coat, as the primer is grey and it contrasts with the darker colors.

      Two solutions: (1) Apply clear coat. This may not be a DIY job depending how far to extend it. Further, clear coat won't stop chips from bigger stones. Also, make sure that the clear coat is compatible with the Sprinter paint. The powder coating process uses silicone. All repair shop supplier paint companies' catalogs now specify the proper clear coat formulation, but that wasn't the case when I had to have work done on mine in 2002.

      (2) Apply ScotchCal. Various Sprinter specific pre-cut kits are available from:

      These products really work well. However, they are marginally appliable by a DIYer, and as the base material the kits are cut from is not large enough to cover the hood in a single piece, there is a line across the hood. That is not really noticeable on lighter colored paint, but it is noticeable on darker paints after a polishing. A total coverage kit costs about the same as a single repaint job of the hood. Pay now or pay later.


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        what color is clear coated from the factory? or are all the sprinters non clear coated?. I know the new '07 are dip galvinzined and supposed to be better rust wise according to themanufacturer


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          06 paint problems

          I have a 2006 2500 hc sprinter. the van has 42000 miles and they have overall been great miles. I have one major issue and that is the quality of the paint job, if I dont baby sit the finish it rusts dailey even in spots that should not rust like the inside, I did get sprinter to repaint part of the vehicle and my dealer did a bang up job they are Fyda Freightliner in Columbus Ohio. These are great vehicles I got 500.000 miles out of my last Mercedes motor like the model in the sprinter, and my paint was darn near perfect also. Why cant they get the paint right on these things all the other Mercedes made vehicles paint lasts forever!