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rear air conditioning - heating

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  • rear air conditioning - heating

    hello - does anyone know where to begin to look for an auxillary heating and A/C unit (rooftop mount) -for the 2500? I have seen them around and know they must exist and can be added on but can't seem to find any leads with who sells or installs them. I am in New Mexico here and I wasn't thinking when I bought the dark colored sprinter in to travel in all this hot sunshine out here!
    thanks for any help!

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    I am expieriencing the same issue here in Florida. After some research, I am leaning towards a unit manufactured by Red Dot Corporation. Check out the following links for more information on several different a/c units.

    Red Dot Corporation
    Welcome to ProAir, LLC


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      I can only imagine how hot your sprinter must get down there in FLorida!
      - thanks for the info - someone else on here at mentioned the Red Dot corp as well. their designs look pretty good and sounds like they know what they are doing in the A/C. have you picked out a unit from Reddot? there was a couple I thought would work - now how to go about finding someone to install them. beyond my skills - how about you?
      any cost estimates yet?


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        I was looking for a clean look. I didn't want a roof mount unit. I decided on a headliner unit, the R2000 model. I was quoted $2300. for the unit, hoses, fittings, and everything installed. The cost of just the a/c unit was $530. My quote came from an authorized dealer on the red dot site. I'm searching now for a local company who might install the unit for less.



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          that is a good thought Dominic about the look and the rooftop mounts- they are a little clunky looking up there. I didn't think about a headliner unit - does this go over the driver/passenger area then and tied into the existing A/C dash system? do you think it will be sufficient to cool the entire vehicle on hot days/sunshine? is your sprinter dark in color also? the price doesn't sound all that bad to me - guess I have sweated it out in that thing for too long and don't mind paying the bucks at this point.
          the existing A/C system in mine is so completely (almost worthless) inadequate for the vehicle. how is yours (dash A/c)?
          thanks for all the info.


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            roof units

            Don't know how much fuel economy is to you, but a roof unit also hits your mpg. I permanently lost 2 mpg for the time I had something on the roof. --eb


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              The headliner unit mounts anywhere on the ceiling. Keep in mind you may need longer hoses depending on where you have it mounted. I'm having mine mounted just behind my front seats to help cool the front as well as the rear. You could tie it into the front a/c but the dealer recommends against it. I will be purchasing a separate condenser for maximum cooling. The dealer says it should cool the entire cabin adequately. My truck is a light blue in color, don't know if it helps keep it any cooler. You can check it out at the link below. My front a/c is just about worthless as well.

              Home ?(mysprintersite)?


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                thanks for the info - I hadn't really thought about it , but realized it in the back of my mind - in the heat of the summer and inadquate A/c - one tends to block out of the mind little things like MPG!!!


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                  your sprinter conversion is really awesome - looks like you put a whole lot of thought and creativity into it.. like the light blue color also. thanks for sharing, you have inspired me - although I bought and use mine to transport artwork all over the country and end up spending a lot of time sleeping in it these days on road trips. I am up to around 150K mileage now - and still going real strong - how about yours? mileage? any problems with it , so to speak of? none really here except the door locks have always been a little funky and want to lock and unlock themselves on their own at times. other than that not much at all.. made it to 148K on the original set of brake pads - the folks at freightliner were a little bewildered at that when I finally took it in for new pads before a long roadtrip.
                  I think your idea of mounting the A./C behind the seat a little ways is a great idea. I looked at the model on red dot you are getting, don't remember if it had air vents on it that would aim toward the driver/passenger seats if mounted where you are thinking? not sure I understand about a second condensor, where are these mounted - under the hood or ? is this to leave the original dash condenser alone?
                  wondering if both the headliner unit and the factory dash unit could be run simultaneously on really hot days if needed? I sometimes cross the mojave where temps reach around 120 deg.. might be too much strain on the thing.


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                    I have 112,000 on mine. Haven't had any major problems with mine since I have owned it. I did have to put a new turbo on it at about 105,000 miles. From what I've heard they are only good for about 100,000 miles anyway. About the condenser, every a/c unit needs one. The one that comes with the vehicle is located in the engine bay in front of or near the radiator. When installing an axillary a/c its recommended that a separate condenser be installed due to the fact that the factory one isn't strong enough to support the load of two a/c units. The one I am looking at mounts underneath the truck to one of the frame rails, it can also be mounted to the roof but I think it would look funny. Red Dot manufactures the condenser I am speaking of. You would also need a compressor to pump the coolant from the engine bay to the new condenser. This stuff adds up fast.