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03' 3500 Ran out of Diesel, added diesel now wont start

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  • 03' 3500 Ran out of Diesel, added diesel now wont start

    Hey Folks,

    I had a slight miscommunication with one driver and ran my 03 Sprinter 3500 out of Diesel. I put 10Gal in. Did the auto prime as Manual states for 60 Seconds. Truck just wont start. no error codes, turns over great but just wont start. I have a feeling that its something simple that i am not doing. It was always a very dependable great Van, never had issues with anything at all, never starting problems, never anything. And when it ran out of gas it was just that, no sounds nothing. It feels like something just needs to be reset or something. Any help would help allot. Time is of the essence.. Thank You

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    The '03 and earlier do not have a fuel pump in the tank. Getting all the air out of the system can be a real challenge. You will probably have to fill the fuel filter manually.
    One trick I have heard of is to disconnect the fuel line from the filter to the pump and apply some air pressure to the tank to force fuel through the system. Be careful not to use too much pressure, maybe 5 psi at most.


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      Problem Solved thank you. I had to change the filter, although it was only two months old. I am assuming that crap got sucked in after it ran out of fuel. I did put fuel in the filter just to make things go faster, and sure enough it started right up and now runs perfect as it used to. The lesson... NEVER EVER LET IT GO OUT OF FUEL. JUST NOT WORTH IT. AND BE FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW NEVER EVER USE STARING FLUID, IT WILL KILL ANY DIESEL ENGINE.