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  • Glow plugs

    I bought a used 2004. The glow plugs are bad, and when the previous owner tried to change them, one of them broke off inside the head. My Sprinter dealer is unable to figure out how to get it out of there. Anyone had this experience, and. more importantly, have a solution? A Chrysler rep was involved as well, and he tried a ferw things and couldn't get it done. My only option is to spend $2600 to have the block taken out, sent to a machine shop, and have the plug drilled out from underneath.

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    I was just working on an 03 Sprinter 2500, and I may have a useful idea.

    Removing the cast-aluminum intake manifold should allow the proper angle to drill into a broken Glow Plug.

    Using a ' Reverse-Thread Stud Extractor ', you could tap this into the broken stud, and hopefully turn the stud out.

    It is VERY likely that the stud:

    1.) Will require HEAT to get it to loosen. Use CAUTION on this, simply using a flame-less heat gun may be enough, use open flames with CAUTION (have buckets of water ready).

    2.) Remove anything you have to get access. This sucks, but it's paying up front as opposed to later (pay 3x as much to pay later).

    My $0.02.